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Blockchain Wallet Features


New features are constantly being added, Mighty is the only app you will need!


Accept the following crypto
currencies through your wallet USDT, BTC or ETH.


The digital wallet that allows you to store and manage your BTC, USTD, ETH safely with a click of a button.

How it Works?

Setup Mighty Account
Download the Mighty App and set up your account.

Accept Crypto
Use the built in wallet to accept crypto.

Choose Payout Option
Choose to settle your crypto with your selected local currency.

That’s it!
You can start accepting crypto for your web shop and retail location instantly.

Who Can Use It?

E-Commerce Merchants

Online shops can accept crypto from paying customers while getting paid in their local currency.

Normal Users

Send and receive crypto from your friends and family.


Your shop customers can pay using crypto without even having a Mighty account, since it uses the blockchain.

  • On the Mighty App, in your merchant settings you will find your merchant crypto address. You can follow the documentation to integrate the Mighty API yourself or use any crypto payment plugins to manually insert your payment address.

    For manual address insertion, you can use some 3rd party plugins:

    Note: some of these plugins might not allow you to accept all the different crypto currencies on the app.

  • Method 1: The Mighty App has multiple pre-designed graphics that you can print out with a QR containing your wallet address.

    Simply print the design and post it near your POS in order to accept crypto. Your app will notify you when the payment is received successfully.

    Mighty users can pay instantly, all other blockchains will rely on the blockchain speed before the payment is confirmed.

    Method 2: You can generate a payment request QR code on the Mighty app. Have your customer scan the QR code and send the payment.

  • If the customer has a Mighty account, all transactions are recorded and an invoice / receipt will be automatically generated based on the input data at the time of the transaction.

    If the customer does not use Mighty, you can generate and print out a receipt or email them a copy of the invoice through the app anytime.

Get Mighty!

Download the Mighty App today and enjoy chat, blockchain wallet, and new friends!

Stay Secure

Our multifaceted app allows you to keep your crypto currencies in either Hot Wallet or Cold Wallet depending on your preference.

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